A history of road safety campaigns

An example of a seatbelt advert
Road safety

A history of road safety campaigns: Drink drive, seat belts and speeding

Road safety education and publicity campaigns have a long history in Great Britain.

Our factsheet provides a summary of Drink Drive, Speed and Seat Belt Campaigns. It does not include the campaigns run on other road safety issues, such as Child Road Safety, Mobile Phones, Driver Tiredness, Motorcyclist Safety and so on.

Details of current government road safety campaigns can be found on the Think website.

The DfT publish a national road safety communications activity calendar which shows road safety communications activity planned by THINK! Road Safety team. It shows the topic, content and timings for key campaigns to enable road safety professionals to coordinate local communications activity with national campaigns as well as with regional partners. The campaigns and dates are provisional and are subject to change.

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