Driving Assessment


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This is an honest, objective assessment of your driving. The Experienced Driver Assessment has been developed to identify your strengths and weaknesses behind the wheel and to help increase your confidence on today's busy roads.

It is not a test, so you will not feel under pressure. Our assessors are here to help!

Who's it for? 

Young Drivers - Recently passed your test and want to put yours and your parents minds at rest that you are a capable driver?

Inexperienced Drivers and change of circumstances - Passed our test a while ago, but don’t have much experience on the roads. If your circumstances have changed and you now need to drive more often, this will help!

Older Drivers - Been driving for many years, but want re-assurance that you are still capable behind the wheel? Our examiners will give you their honest opinion. We do not asses your fitness to drive. This is a matter for your GP and the DVLA.

New parents - Recently become a parent, but are feeling nervous about the added responsibility of having your baby in the car? Get some practical advice on how to increase your skills.

Anyone who wants some reassurance of their driving

The fee of £55.00 includes the assessment a confidential written report and certification