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Customised Awards

A customised award is an organisations own qualification, that meets the specific needs of their employees and stakeholders.

This service offers organisations the opportunity to gain quality assurance from a national Awarding Organisation. Courses will be regulated by RoSPA Qualifications and we will provide you with the support to ensure courses are of a high standard. Please note courses will not appear on the Ofqual register.

How to deliver Customised Awards

Your organisation will need to apply to become a RoSPA Qualifications Centre. You will be required to provide evidence that you meet the criteria required to deliver our regulated qualifications and have evidence available to prove ongoing compliance at the request of RoSPA Qualifications.

What is involved?

RoSPA Qualifications will work with organisations to produce a specification that has measureable learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Courses will be benchmarked against Ofqual's RQF level descriptors, including:

  • Insight into the depth of study
  • Difficulty
  • Level of the achievement

Organisations will be subject to quality assurance monitoring and external verification visits.

The customised awards process will not include accreditation/approval of technical content of the course.


  • Recognition from a trusted qualifications provider
  • Having a level rating attached to your courses, demonstrates the knowledge and skill that is reached by passing the course
  • RoSPA Qualifications Customised Award logo can be used on promotional and course material
  • Learners will receive an official RoSPA Qualifications Customised Award certificate.
Case Study

EDGE Services worked with RoSPA Qualifications to create an innovative new qualification for individuals working with people with dementia.

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