Home Safety Resources in Northern Ireland


Home Safety Checklists

Home safety checklists

RoSPA have designed two home safety checklists as an effective, practical tool for those conducting home safety checks:


Spot the dangers competition

An example of the Spot the Dangers competition

A set of scenarios available to download suitable for badge organisations and pupils at Key Stage 1 and 2.


Training DVDs

“Home Is Where The Harm Is”

Home is Where the Harm is

  • A thought-provoking insight into home injuries portrayed through Northern Ireland case studies
  • Accidents covered include: falls; fire; burns; scalds; poisoning; carbon monoxide poisonings; choking and suffocation; garden and DIY
  • The package includes video or DVD (DVD includes additional footage and more than 40 training slides), handouts and support material.

View an extract from "Home Is Where The Harm Is"


Fireworks safety

Safer Fireworks website

The Safer Fireworks web site.

On this website you’ll find all the information you need to make sure your firework parties are fun rather than fraught with danger. As well as the Firework Code, the site includes a guide on how to organise a display and how to deal with specific types of fireworks from rockets to Catherine wheels. Find out more at: www.saferfireworks.com.

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