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The RoSPA Scotland office home safety department is based in Edinburgh, but covers the length and breadth of Scotland. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents was established almost 100 years ago, beginning its life as the London Safety First Council. RoSPA spread to Scotland with the formation of the Scottish "Safety First" Council and an office opened in Glasgow in 1930. Now in Edinburgh, home safety is part of the community safety department and there are also specialists in road safety and occupational safety and health.


  • Children and Young People's Safety: What's the Story?
  • Child Safety - Legally and Morally
    RoSPA's second annual child safety conference will build on last year's event by providing a follow up forum for those with a role to play in child safety ("It's Everyone's Responsibility") to learn about the issues affecting the prevention of unintentional injuries to children. The event will encourage an even wider audience to take responsibility for child safety.


  • Not for Play... Keep them away
    The "Not for Play" campaign was a highly successful initiative aimed at tackling the growing concern of liquid laundry capsule ingestion injuries to children in the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Board area. Children, averaging 18 months old, were being brought to the emergency department (ED) at Yorkhill Hospital as a result of ingestion of liquid laundry capsules. These products are small brightly coloured capsules used in washing machines and/or in dishwashers, containing a concentrated amount of liquid detergent which, if ingested, can cause serious injury.
  • Trampoline Safety
    Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS has joined forces with RoSPA and local B&Q stores to offer parents and children safety guidance when using a trampoline at home.
  • Blind Cord Campaign in Scotland - The Make it Safe campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of looped blind cords. Over 15,000 safety packs have been distributed across Scotland so far. Find out more about the projects which have been supported by charity donations and the Scottish Government and download a safety advice leaflet (available in English, Gaelic and Polish).
  • Straight Off, Straight In, Straight Away
    This is a campaign that RoSPA has been involved in, developed by the health improvement team from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to raise awareness of hair straightener burns to children.

Action on Accidents

RoSPA and the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM) are calling for a £2million-per-year nationwide programme in Scotland that would relieve some of the huge pressure on Scottish A&E departments by preventing accidental injuries to under-5s.

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