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We will carry out free literature searches for you on health and safety subjects of interest – for example, mobile phones and driving. We will provide you with a list of relevant journal articles, including an informative abstract. You may then choose to order up to five articles in full-text. A charge is made for this service.

Copyright: Supplying articles to members of the public

Guidance on new copyright legislation and how to fill in the Photocopy request form

The Infocentre's library catalogue is now accessible to everyone.

As a non-member, can you supply me with journal articles held in the Information Centre?
We will carry out a literature search of our Information Centre database and provide you with a list of articles free of charge. You may then order up to five journal articles at any one time. There is a charge for ordering items and the cost varies according to the purpose for which you are using the journal articles (see below).

How do I order journal articles?
Please fill in a photocopy request form for each article you request. The form must be signed by the person requesting the item, and sent to the Infocentre.

How do I fill in the photocopy request form?

When you complete the form we ask you to declare the purpose of your copying by ticking one of two boxes (see below). It is very important to choose the correct box carefully because each one has a cost implication.

  • Copying for research or private study

If you require a copy of an article solely for non-commercial research or private study you should tick this box, read the declaration and sign the form. This implies that you do not expect to receive any direct or indirect income-generation from use of the article.

  • Copying for commercial purposes

If you are using the journal article to generate income for your company or organisation you should tick this box. The definition of commercial photocopying is quite broad and would probably include the following: research/work carried out for payment from a client, writing a book for payment or using an article in the invention/manufacture of items for sale.

What do you charge for photocopies of journal articles?
The cost per journal article is given in the table below. This depends on the purpose for which you will be using the article/s. If you are going to be using the copies for commercial reasons, a fee must be paid to the Copyright Licence Agency (CLA). The Information Centre has a special document delivery licence to allow commercial copies to be provided.

Purpose of the photocopied articles Cost per journal article
Article to be used for research or private study £3.50
Article to be used for commercial/income generating purposes £12.50 (includes £9.00 CLA copyright fee)


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