Grenfell Tower inquiry – RoSPA’s views on the Terms of Reference

   Grenfell Tower inquiry – RoSPA’s views on the Terms of Reference

As we witnessed the terrible scenes at Grenfell Tower on the morning of June 14, our immediate thoughts were that this appalling tragedy should not be happening in one of the safest countries in the world; that something must have gone terribly wrong; and that safety decision-making must have broken down.

We believe that there must be an inquiry that digs deep enough and goes wide enough so that not only this event but similar tragedies cannot happen again.

Our response to the consultation covers the purpose and scope of the inquiry, before moving on to consider issue-specific questions on:

  • Fire safety responsibilities, risk assessments and systems
  • The provision and maintenance of smoke alarms and fire safety information
  • White goods
  • Maintenance and structural issues with regard to personal safety
  • Cladding standards
  • Wider considerations.

It also includes an annex containing our views on the importance of “transformative inquiries” in general and a comprehensive list of previous tragedies and their investigations/inquiries from the 1960s onwards. 

Read our full submission.

The inquiry is seeking the views of those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire and other interested parties to help shape its work.  Please note that the consultation deadline has been extended to July 28.

Jo Bullock, RoSPA head of communications

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