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House fire escape routes

   House fire escape routes

House fires

When fire strikes, time is everything you can have as little as three or four minutes to escape to safety. Making a family fire escape plan can be a lifesaver. Once you’ve made your plan, you need to explain it to everyone who lives in your home, including children, as well as any visitors who are staying over. You then need to practice the plan, regularly walking through your escape route, especially with children. Remember, if you do come across a fire then get out, Stay out and call the fire brigade out.

                  Making a family fire escape plan

  •  Know your escape route. The best escape route is often the normal way in and out of your home – normally your front or back door
  • Choose a second escape route in case the first one is blocked. You may want to draw a plan of your escape route, as this may help children visualise their way out. Practice your escape plan with all the family
  • If there are children, older people or people with disabilities or pets, plan how you will get them out
  •  Keep all exits clear of obstructions like bicycles, tools, clothes airers, dog baskets etc
  • Keep stairs clear and free of clutter so that you can leave quickly if necessary
  • Keep internal doors closed at night where possible as these can prevent the spread of fire
  • Identify a safe place to go if you cannot escape, preferably a room with an opening window and a phone for calling 999. Try to make sure you get everyone into this room
  • Decide where the keys to doors and windows should be kept and always keep them there. Make sure everyone in your household knows where they are
  • Remember, it may be difficult to see due to darkness or smoke – keep an easily accessible torch in every bedroom to help guide the way
  • Put a reminder of what to do in a fire somewhere where it will be seen regularly, like on the fridge door
  • Put your address by the phone so that children can read it out to the emergency services.

What to do if there is a fire?

You wake up smelling smoke or the fire alarm’s going off. What do you do?

  • Keep calm, act quickly and get everyone out of the building as soon as possible
  • Don’t stop to investigate what’s happened or try and rescue items
  • If there’s smoke, keep low where the air is clearer
  • If you touch a door and it’s warm, don’t open it! Fire is on the other side.
  • Call 999 as soon as you’re out of the building. 
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