It’s time to talk about Bonfire Night

   It’s time to talk about Bonfire Night

It’s time to talk about Bonfire Night.

Families will be flocking to fields all over the country to view spectacular firework displays, smoke from bonfires and barbeques will be filling the air, and kids and adults alike will be excitedly waving around sparklers in the shape of their initials.

This day resonates with people all over Britain. For most it means celebrations in the form of mesmerising firework displays, huge bonfires and sparklers, making for a picture perfect night. However, this night of celebration turned into a night of devastation for Ben and Thomas.

Ben, only four at the time, suffered life threatening injuries when a firework became trapped in his coat, leaving him with lifelong scarring after undergoing multiple surgeries, which he still has to endure to this day. Thomas suffered superficial burns to his face, hands and arms after a piece of firework debris exploded when he picked it up out of curiosity.

Both of these harrowing incidents took place at firework displays that were not professionally organised. Figures from hospitals in England show a 47 per cent increase in firework injuries from 2014/15, with 168 people being admitted to hospital. Fireworks must be handled with safety precautions in place to avoid tragic incidents.

RoSPA recommends that the safest place to enjoy fireworks is at a large organised event. We advise against holding firework displays at home, as even if the safety guidelines are followed tragedy can still strike unexpectedly. However if you do hold your own display, the safety of yourself, your family, friends and neighbours must be the number one priority. By following simple safety steps disastrous consequences can be avoided.

We don’t want you to go through what Ben and Thomas did, so work together to stay safe this Bonfire Night.

Ben Thomas


Sheila Merrill, public health adviser


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