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The importance of MORR

   The importance of MORR

A new study by University College London explores the pressures that “gig economy” drivers and riders may face, which heightens the chances of road collisions.

The research shows that 63 per cent of those surveyed were not provided with safety training on managing road risks, and 65 per cent were not given any safety equipment such as high-visibility vests, resulting in over 70 per cent resorting to providing their own.

The study was made up of 48 qualitative interviews with drivers, riders and their managers, and 200 responses from an online survey taken by drivers and riders. Participants included self-employed couriers, and taxi drivers who received their jobs via apps.

The shocking figures show that 42 per cent of drivers and riders reported that their vehicle had been involved in a collision, with one in 10 saying someone had been injured.

MORR, or the Management of Occupational Road Risk, is a RoSPA campaign aimed at organisations to adopt a proactive approach to reducing the risks associated with driving for work.

The campaign focuses on raising awareness about the risks faced by employees who use the road for work, educating employers and employees on managing those risks, and persuading the government to include the management of occupational road risk as a fundamental part of their road safety and health and safety strategies and policies.

The worrying statistics highlighted by UCL demonstrate just how essential it is for all employers to develop a systematic approach to managing occupational road risk that is appropriate to their business, and that this action needs to be urgent.

For more information on managing occupational road risk see and for practical solutions see


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