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Nick and Matt conquered Toubkal

   Nick and Matt conquered Toubkal

We just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for supporting us on our journey up Mount Toubkal! We completed the challenge, reaching the peak at 4,167m on Sunday, May 20, and together with team Stocksigns raised an incredible £7,194 for the Brighter Beginnings Appeal.

The whole trip was an adventure to remember. The first day of hiking – up to the Toubkal Mountain Refuge – started steadily, leaving our starting point in Imlil (1,750m) and following the river bed up the valley to Toubkal National Park. We had one of many tagines for lunch, before the gradient became dramatically steeper. We knew it must do at some stage as we would climb around 1,450m that day. The climb continued, passing plenty of mules and refreshment points, and moving supplies and bags up and down the trail.

After a brief snowball fight we arrived at the refuge with a few of us feeling some initial effects of the altitude change. Overnighting in a room crammed with 16 sleeping mats, shoulder-to-shoulder was memorable – although most of the team struggled to get any sleep – maybe due to the altitude or nerves about the summit challenge to come.

We rose at 3am on Sunday, finished packing and preparing before breakfast lit by head torches, and set off for the summit at 4am in the dark.

The summit trek was a memorable one, starting with a slow climb up a snowy bank, before encountering boulders, shale, biting cold and winds, with the thermometer reading -8 degrees centigrade. This was a hard, slow ascent, climbing just short of a further 1,000 metres from the refuge to the summit.

The Stocksigns team we took on the challenge with were great. Some felt the altitude effects more than others, but everyone supported and encouraged each other all the way up.

We achieved our goal at around 7:45am on Sunday morning, as we stood on top of the world at 4,167m. The clouds cleared and revealed a sensational view of the Atlas Mountains.

It was a great opportunity to take on a real challenge to raise awareness of the Brighter Beginnings Appeal – one that required real training and preparation to complete. It’s fair to say we’ve been truly bitten by the adventure bug.

Watch this space for footage of the trip.


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