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The Mount Toubkal trek is almost upon us!

   The Mount Toubkal trek is almost upon us!

I can’t believe how quickly the time is going, it’s a month since Matt and I did a joint training walk; Caer Caradoc in Shropshire as the ‘Beast from the East’ meant that Snowdon our original destination was deemed too dangerous, although the snow on the summit would have been good practice for Mount Toubkal, snow is not uncommon on its higher slopes in late May.

In the meantime we have been ‘independently training’, Matt’s been cycling to work most days supported by several long walks around the Lickey Hills. I have also been upping my exercise routine to build up stamina to combat the effects of possible altitude sickness. My last walk was around Macclesfield Forest and up to the top of Shuttlingsloe described as a ‘Challenging ’ 8 mile walk. It gave me a chance to ‘test out’ the new ruck sac and exercise 2 spaniels. All 3 stood up to the wet weather, as did my old boots to the very muddy and wet footpaths; something which we hopefully won’t have to worry about in Morocco.

We have also had our recommended jabs; Hep A, Typhoid, Diphtheria and a Tetanus booster for me.

Friends and family, colleagues and supporters have been very generous in supporting RoSPA Brighter Beginnings Appeal helping us to provide free keeping kids safe packs. The more we can raise the better; any donations will help to make the physical challenge worthwhile.

Despite all the hard training planned, I’ve got a 50 mile ride the weekend before.  Matt will be trading his bike for his boots - walking to and from work as much as possible over the next month (a 10-mile return trip), with the commute being an ideal exercise opportunity.

We both approach the expedition with a mix of emotions; excitement and expectation with the opportunity to experience Moroccan culture both in Marrakesh during the holy month of Ramadan and in the high Atlas mountains. Apprehension, no amount of physical preparation can fully prepare you for the challenge of climbing at 4200 metres. Comradeship, to meet our Stocksigns colleagues for the first time at the airport and the opportunity to share their company and to make new friends.

Nick Lloyd, road safety manager

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