Hands-free review long overdue

The Government has recommended overhaul of mobile phone laws, to include consideration of banning hands-free calls.

Avoidable deaths in Scotland

Accidents now account for four per cent of all deaths in Scotland, more than assault or suicide, and the numbers are on the rise.

Road skills for life

Most road accidents are preventable because they involve an element of human error and in the majority of incidents they are the primary cause. This is why our national strategy focuses on providing life skill training and education.

Driving in flips flops

It’s hard to keep up with the British weather, one day it’s wellies and the next the temptation is to drive in flip flops as the thermometer gauge climbs.

Keeping Kids Safe in Edinburgh

On average 60 children under five are admitted to hospital in Scotland each week. RoSPA Scotland are delivering a new project to help prevent accidents such as these.

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