Family Safety Week: Advice for drivers

   Family Safety Week: Advice for drivers

We talk about road crashes rather than accidents. This is because the definition of an accident is ‘an event that happens by chance or that is without apparent or deliberate cause’.

Driver error is a direct contributory factor in over 90 per cent of crashes, for example the faster you go the longer it will take you to stop and the greater the severity of injury to a pedestrian if they are hit by a vehicle.

As drivers we all have a responsibility to remember that children are impulsive by nature and will often do the unexpected. Even the most sensible child is liable to forget for an instance and run into the road following a ball, for example.

Therefore, as drivers it’s essential that we are tuned into the conditions around us. Seeing a school warning sign at 3pm should immediately alert us to the dangers of children walking home and the need to be extra vigilant and to drive at a speed that if a child did run out they are not killed or seriously injured.

See a child walking and regard them as one of your family and let’s help to make this year’s Family Safety Week our safest yet!

For more information on road safety, including the Green Cross Code, visit

Nick Lloyd, RoSPA acting head of road safety

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