Family Safety Week: Advice for parents

   Family Safety Week: Advice for parents

Walking to school is a great way to get daily exercise and evidence has proven that children who do walk arrive at school alert and ready for the day.

It is also a fantastic way for them to learn valuable road safety skills. Walking with a younger child is a great way for the carer to discuss safe places to cross; for example zebra and pelican crossings, or where there is good visibility away from bends.

As children get older and start to walk on their own, generally at around the age of 10, don’t just assume that they are safe. Ask them to demonstrate where and how they will cross the road if you are not there.

It is also stating the obvious, children are great at copying what they see. If you set a good example it’s more likely that this will become their normal behaviour. However, if you regularly cross in between parked cars or when the red man at a pelican crossing is showing its likely that they will too when on their own.

Nick Lloyd, RoSPA acting head of road safety

Formore information on road safety, including the Green Cross Code, visit

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