Kew Gardens’ new play area safer by design

   Kew Gardens’ new play area safer by design

A new playground where children will be able to see all the things that plants need to grow is now open at Kew Gardens in south-west London. The area is the size of 40 tennis courts and took two years to build.

RoSPA was involved at the design stage of the new play area, ensuring that the designs were suitable and compliant with standards where necessary. We also conducted several in-progress inspections during the build, and finished with a post-installation inspection of the finished children's garden.

The play area contains more than 100 mature trees and is designed so that children of all ages can learn about plants and nature in a fun and memorable environment.

It was great to be involved so early on with such an innovative play area project like this one, enabling Kew to create a space that’s safer by design. Our play safety team provides advice and information on playground management and the safety of indoor and outdoor play areas.

RoSPA believes accidents don’t have to happen, and when organisations commit to designing safer play areas, we enable the next generation to lean through play, safely.

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David Yearley, RoSPA head of play safety

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