Safety at your fingertips – get registering your appliances

   Safety at your fingertips – get registering your appliances

Everyone needs to feel safe in their own home and this Product Safety Week (October 21-25) the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances (AMDEA) aims to help the public improve their home safety with a simple – but sometimes over-looked – safety action… appliance registration!

With the support of the Department of Business and the UK fire services, we have created the website which allows you to register new AND old appliances so that, in the rare case of a safety notice or product recall, you’ll be the first to know. It really is that simple!

In UK homes alone, there are a whopping 170million large appliances in use and it’s easy to forget that you actually own these powerful machines as they quietly chug away in the background, helping you with the endless daily chores. However, if there is a recall or safety repair the manufacturer needs to know where to find you. So hopefully this week, those of you who haven’t yet got around to this important task will take stock of all your appliances and get them registered.
Even those large white goods you know very little about can be registered. This includes second-hand appliances as well as those inherited from a friend or even that chest freezer that was already in your home when you moved in! Apparently, two thirds of people have never registered these older appliances but they too can also be recorded on which takes registrations for products up to 12-years-old. 
AMDEA has created Safety Matters for Appliance Owners, providing top tips for appliance owners:  
  • Register all your appliances for a safer home provides access to over 60 leading brands. By simply clicking on the brand logo the user reaches a data entry form linked directly to the relevant manufacturer. The vast majority accept registrations of products up to 12-years-old.
  • Check if you have a recalled appliance right
  • Follow recall instructions to the letterIf you receive a safety notice or a recall, it is important to follow the manufacturers’ instructions and act straight away #ReactToRecalls
  • If you’re unsure what to do, contact your manufacturer or retailer A quick Google search using your brand / UK / customer service will provide details for the manufacturer’s customer services team.
  • Share information with those around you who could be at riskEnsure older and more vulnerable owners don’t miss out on any vital, free, product safety repairs by sharing information with neighbours or loved ones. Or take to social media and retweet messages @regmyappliance
    AMDEA is supporting International Product Safety Week (October 21-25) and its #ReactToRecalls campaign which is co-ordinated by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS). AMDEA also works closely with OPSS throughout the year to urge consumers to register their appliances as a matter of home safety.
Guest blog from AMEDA
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