How to avoid heartbreak on Valentine’s Day

   How to avoid heartbreak on Valentine’s Day

Love it or loathe it, there is no denying that Valentine’s Day is big business in the UK.


According to research by Finder, this year over 32 million (61%) Brits will be spending money on their loved ones this Valentine’s Day and a further 9.4 million will celebrate February 14 without spending anything. Of those who will be spending money, each person expects to spend £35 on average, meaning over £1.45 billion will be spent collectively by romantic hopefuls.


However, as with most celebrations that involve candles, alcohol and cooking, Valentine's Day can be potentially hazardous.


Whatever you are up to, I’m sure you’ll agree there is nothing romantic about a trip to A&E. Here are RoSPA’s top tips to avoid an accident on Valentine's Day.


Candles and naked flames:

Candle-lit dinners in restaurants or the home are a Valentine’s Day staple. However, to ensure that the only thing burning is your passions: do not leave burning candles unattended and remember to put them out completely when leaving the house or going to bed. Keep candles away from flammable materials including curtains and decorations, always place candles in a stable holder, and remember to stand tea lights on a heat-resistant surface (they have been known to burn through baths and televisions). 


If you are lucky enough to be enjoying a roaring fire on Valentine’s Day, make sure it has gone out before you leave the room. 


Drive safely

Drink-driving and distracted driving remain two of the leading causes of a collision on the road. There were up to 270 deaths in crashes where at least one driver or rider was over the alcohol limit in 2017, Department for Transport data shows. With this in mind, if you plan to have an evening out and enjoy a drink with your significant other, it may be best if one of you stays sober or otherwise look into to an alternative option for getting home.  


It is also important that drivers concentrate on the task in hand are not distracted by secondary activities inside or outside the vehicle. In other words, drivers ought to keep their eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel.


Avoiding burns and scalds

The NHS treated more than 15,000 patients for burns and scalds in 2017, many of which were preventable. If you or your partner are planning to cook a romantic meal for two remember to keep children out of the kitchen. Use the back hobs if possible, turn saucepan handles inwards, and take extra care when removing trays from the oven.


Have a safe and enjoyable Valentine’s Day!

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