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Life on the road

   Life on the road

Although they’re statistically safer on the roads than their younger counterparts, people aged 60 and over carry a disproportionate burden of those being killed or seriously injured while driving in Scotland.

In 2018, nearly one in three of all those killed or seriously injured on the country’s roads were aged 60 and over – a total of 22 deaths and 127 serious injuries.

Furthermore, crash risk increases for the over-70s, with drivers at that age more likely to be at fault for a crash; this likelihood increases even further for the over-80s.

As such, over the past year RoSPA has been funded by Transport Scotland to develop a communications and behaviour-change campaign to help drive these numbers down, and reduce the risk of older drivers being involved in serious and fatal road incidents.

We’re keenly aware of the importance of driving for older people, especially those who live on their own or in remote areas; the loss of a car can lead to loss of independence, and then a multitude of knock-on health issues that come with increased isolation.

So we wanted our communications to point people to resources and information that could help them stay on the road for longer, while also ensuring that they continued to be safe drivers. This meant highlighting age-related health issues that can have an impact on driving ability, providing information on how to mitigate for their effects, and encouraging the take-up of experienced driver assessments.

At the beginning of the project, we needed to understand the barriers and enablers to seeking out information and training for our target audience, so conducted a series of focus groups and other primary and secondary research in partnership with Smarts Communicate, an Edinburgh-based PR agency.

Next, we used the insight we’d gleaned to build a campaign complete with new webpage, downloadable leaflets and posters, social media, videos, a media relations plan, advertising, and stakeholder outreach, to run alongside three “assessment days” in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

This all culminated in the launch of the Life on the Road Campaign at the beginning of February – you can find out all about it at

Adam will be giving more details about his research insights, how the campaign was developed and delivered, and what the campaign has achieved so far, at RoSPA’s Fleet and Road Safety Conference on February 27 at Leicester Conferences. For more details and to book your place, see
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