You are good enough, the RoSPA L’Oréal Leading Safely for Women Mentoring Programme

   You are good enough, the RoSPA L’Oréal Leading Safely for Women Mentoring Programme

What a year it has been for the RoSPA and L’Oréal launch of their Leading Safely for Women mentoring programme. We set out at the beginning of 2021 with the shared vision of supporting women, an underrepresented group in health and safety to become more ‘visible’ and ‘connected’, to help them thrive and develop their confidence, to choose Health and Safety as a career and for those already in the profession to help them progress.

The energy and enthusiasm of Severine Convenant, Corporate Health and Safety Manager at L’Oreal, Dr Jwan Kamla, Senior Safety, Risk & Operations Consultant at Atkins, Daniele Paulino, Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator at Tetra Park and Lauren Crawley, Health, Safety and Biosafety Advisor, Oxford Biomedica was plain to see at the recent RoSPA ‘You are good enough’ webinar. A truly international panel with perspectives from UK, France and Brazil. This programme has a global reach so don’t let geography be a barrier to engaging with the process.


How to get involved.

All you have to do is write a short piece on why you should be considered, what barriers you have encountered during your working life to date, and how being part of the programme would help you develop. We have read some incredible stories!

People come to the programme for various reasons, for example, if they want to become more visible in their role; or others may want to move into a career or position of greater influence.
Once the selection process is complete, successful delegates attend a one day workshop delivered by Louise Hosking, current IOSH President and Director of Hosking Associates, during which they identify three personal commitments they will take forward during the mentoring phase of the programme. It is at this stage we identify mentors for each delegate, make the connection and things grow from there. These mentoring relationships are central to the success of the programme, and whilst in theory they are short in duration, the connections formed will last for much longer.
Inspirational is the one word that really captures the essence of this programme, which in turn has sparked the imagination and has led to a new Inspiring Women in Safety Award sponsored by L’Oréal.

The new award will be made in 2022 to an individual who has made a significant inspirational impact in the world of health, safety and wellbeing. This may relate to activities either within the workplace, or outside of a traditional workplace setting.

RoSPA judges will consider how nominees have been a source of inspiration. For example, nominees could be junior employees showing passion in the way they work, a rising star who is influencing networks beyond their organisation, or inspiring senior managers championing gender, diversity and inclusion. All nominees’ achievements will be considered in their own right, with seniority and experience not being the most important factor.

So at the start of a new year take a moment to pause and reflect, can this programme help you develop? Put some time aside for yourself and apply…you are good enough!

Course dates 2022:
  • 22 February
  • 11 May
  • 18 August
  • 17 November
To find out more or apply to join the programme please click here.
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