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Don’t Drink and Drown

   Don’t Drink and Drown

The most recent data from the Water Incident Database (WAID) shows that over the last five years (2017 -2021), 32 per cent of UK accidental fatalities involved a level of intoxication – whether through alcohol and/or drugs (405/1269).

The table below breaks these figures down by each UK nation.



Percentage of total accidental fatalities involving intoxication



Northern Ireland






Table 1: WAID data (2017 – 2021) by country (percentage of intoxication accidental fatality/overall accidental fatality)

Winter, especially around Christmas time, is an important period to raise awareness of the dangers of entering cold water. This is due to the high number of Christmas parties and outings that occur near bodies of water. Recent data further highlights that 85% of accidental drowning fatalities involving intoxication occur in males.
Through their Don’t Drink and Drown campaign, which runs 21 November – 18 December, RLSS UK encourages smart decision-making.  The main drive of the appeal is to encourage individuals to be responsible for their friends and help them to get home if they have had too much to drink after a night out.
It is also important to take extra care when considering drinking near waterways over this month and winter in general.
To get involved in the campaign and help spread awareness, check out RLSS UK’s website here.
If you are out and about this winter and see someone in trouble or struggling in the water, please #RespectTheWater and do the following:

  • Call 999 and ask for the emergency services

  • Tell the person to float on their back

  • Throw them something that floats

For more information, visit the #RespectTheWater website.
Carlene McAvoy, Leisure Safety Manager

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