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Moving forward together

At RoSPA, we're really proud of our history, which dates back to 1916. In this article we look at the six public health priorities for Scotland and how our work fits in.

Health visiting and accident prevention

Fiona Black is Specialised Community Public Health Nurse (Health Visiting) at NHS Lothian Queen’s Institute and is passionate about promoting accident prevention as a public health priority.

Vaping while driving

More than 3.6 million people in the UK are vaping. Debates ongoing about whether e-ciggarettes are less harmful than smoking. But what impact is vaping having on our roads?

Speaking up for safety in the home

More than 6,000 people are killed as a result of home accidents in the UK every year. RoSPA wants the government to take action to change that.

DIY: dos and dont's

Almost 300 people end up in A&E following a DIY disaster. Take a look at our DIY dos and dont's so you can avoid an accident while doing odd jobs in the home.

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