Safety Membership Benefits

Sue Brookes "My team is here to help current and potential members understand and maximise their membership benefits."

Sue Brookes, Membership Manager, RoSPA

Join RoSPA and in return for your support of our accident prevention mission, we offer a wide range of benefits to support your organisation.

Upon joining RoSPA you'll be sent a comprehensive Welcome Pack, a certificate, branded car stickers, enamel badge and you'll also be able to:

Demonstrate you're a member to others

RoSPA Members Logo

Demonstrate your commitment to safety via exclusive use of the RoSPA Member logo on your website, company letterhead, email signatures* and annual report. In addition, RoSPA car stickers help your fleet make a striking impression on the roads and enamel lapel badges ensure all customer facing staff promote the safety first message.

You will also be issued with a personalised certificate to display on your premises as a sign of your commitment to safety.

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*Cannot be used on sales or marketing emails

Enjoy the support of our safety expertise

Gain access to our safety experts, as they provide your organisation with support and advice through the numerous member benefits. Our safety experts' knowledge is extensive within their specialist areas of prevention of accidents at work, at leisure, on the road, in the home and through safety education.

Meet the experts

Access RoSPA's Infocentre Helpline

All employees under your site have access to the RoSPA InfoCentre helpline. If any of your employees has a health and safety question that needs answering, they can contact our Infocentre team who will draw on extensive archives, searchable online databases and RoSPA expert consultants to answer almost any safety query.

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Safety Journals

You will receive a range of safety journals that keep you up-to-date on the latest news, legislation and developments within the health and safety world. Our journals are put together using our safety experts' knowledge and advice, which will provide you with thought-provoking news and information.

Employees within your organisation can claim CPD points by reading our journals to help achieve and continue their chartered status.

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Free 30 minutes telephone consultancy

Stuck on a health and safety issue? Members get 30 minutes free telephone consultancy with our safety experts to discuss unique and bespoke issues they may have in regards to health and safety.

Be part of a safety community

RoSPA Members enjoy exclusive access to the Member Zone section of the RoSPA website and can share successes and news via the monthly members' e-bulletin 'The Voice'.

If you have a health and safety question - let us ask our members to see how they tackle the issue within their workplace. We will then collate all the responses along with a response from one of our safety experts and provide you with a document with all the different answers and advice to your question.

Access unique discounts

RoSPA Members enjoy exclusive discounts on a range of our services:

  • Up to 10% off all occupational safety in-company and open training courses
  • Up to 15% off entry into RoSPA's Health and Safety Awards scheme
  • Up to 15% off RoSPA events
  • From safety audits to risk assessments, members get up to 10% off RoSPA Consultancy Services
  • 15% off all standard safety signs from our partners, Stocksigns

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