Membership types and fees

When joining RoSPA we invite you to select your key area of health and safety interest, as this will determine the advice, knowledge and expertise you gain, as well as the RoSPA journals you will receive.

You can choose from either:

  • Occupational safety
  • Driver and fleet safety
  • Road safety
  • Home safety
  • Water and leisure safety
  • Safety in education

The membership fee is then dictated by whether you are applying as a large organisation or a small/medium organisation.

Membership is based on a single site basis; however we also offer reduced and competitive rates for organisations that have a number of sites, or wish to take out a membership for multiple years.

Fees Large organisation (50+ Employees) SME organisation (up to 50 employees)
One year £435 £280
Two years (10% discount) £783 (save £87) £504 (save £56)
Three years (15% discount) £1,109.25 (save £195.75) £714 (save £126)

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If your organisation has multiple sites, then find out more about how you can save money on our multisite membership or call: +(0)121 248 2051 to discuss this in more detail.

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