Little Book of Big Ideas

Little book of big ideas

For those looking for advice on risk assessment, management systems and safety culture, risk perception, safety decision-making, preventability and more.

Health and safety is not just "common sense". Developing an understanding of risk requires knowledge and appreciation of hazards, many of which are either invisible or behave in ways we least expect.

In an increasingly complex and challenging world, we all need to be "safety and risk literate" and to share common safety lexicon.

This short book is a small contribution to help experts and non-experts alike to refresh their knowledge and understanding of the basic ideas which underpin discourse about safety:

When, where, how, why, and to whom do accidents happen? What do we mean by "accident"? How do we use our understanding of accidents to try to prevent them? What do we mean by risk? How do we assess risk?

The booklet can be used as a gateway to further reading, a handy reference guide to remind you about essential terms and concepts, or as a resource in teaching.

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