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Health and safety advice pack for smaller firms

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Do you have the right policies, people and procedures in place to manage health and safety? This pack will help you get started. Covering why health and safety is important, the law at a glance, a questionnaire to guide your thinking on the situation where you work, risk assessment tips and links to other useful information, the pack is a valuable tool for all those who need to get to grips with health and safety in SMEs.


  1. Contents
  2. Why health and safety is important
  3. How to use this pack
  4. Think about the last accident or near miss which happened in your company
  5. Health and safety at work: the law at a glance
  6. Health and safety law: how well are you coping? Basic questionnaire
  7. Developing your company's health and safety action plan: key points
  8. Risk assessment at its very simplest
  9. Resources
  10. Help with occupational safety and health

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