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The Scottish Higher Performers Forum

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At consultation meetings held at 2004 RoSPA Scotland and the Scottish Executive on 13th December, a number of major organisations in Scotland who were RoSPA Award winners, agreed that there would be merit in forming a special grouping of higher performers in health and safety in Scotland, not only to exchange information between one another but to commit to increasing the influence which their respective organisations exert on others, particularly their contractors. The meeting agreed with the central proposition that companies which sought to achieve excellence in health and safety performance represented a considerable reservoir of commitment and expertise which could be channelled to help raise awareness and standards in workplaces throughout Scotland.


Following the consultation exercise RoSPA agreed to assist on the development of a 'Scottish Higher Performers' Forum' to be established as a community of best practice and interest to exercise influence and make input to the 'Partnership on Health and Safety in Scotland' (PHASS). Established in 2005, PHASS brings together key players in workplace health and safety in Scotland. It aims to target Scotland's priorities for delivering higher standards of health and safety more effectively. It's also intended to help co-ordinate effort across devolved and reserved government interests to promote the benefits to people, businesses, and Scotland's economy, of working in a safe and healthy environment.

PHASS replaced the 'Scottish Health and Safety Revitalisers Forum', which RoSPA helped to establish to bring together professional, business and trade union interests.


RoSPA has drafted a challenge which higher performing organisations in Scotland are being asked to sign up to.

This is a statement of objectives and commits signatories to extend their health and safety influence and outreach to other organisations in a variety of ways. Signatories are also being urged to persuade other higher performers to sign up.

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