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Signing the Scottish Higher Performer
Signing the Scottish Higher Performer's Challenge

As signatories to this 'challenge' we believe that that there are massive human social and business benefits to be gained by raising standards of health and safety management throughout Scotland. We believe that 'higher performers' in the field of health and safety have a duty to motivate and assist other organisations to achieve this fundamentally important objective...

To this end we are fully committed to:

  • providing a positive example to others by continuing to raise and maintain our own standards of health and safety as an integral part of our key business objectives, recognising the key importance of senior management leadership, full and effective workforce involvement and use of competent health and safety advice;
  • seeking recognition of our health and safety performance through means such as certification, entry to awards or use of appropriate auditing services and putting information on our targets and performance achievement in public domain, including via the Internet and Annual Reports;
  • ensuring that all our suppliers and contractors are competent to manage the health and safety of their own employees and those affected by their operations and that they understand other stakeholders' health and safety expectations;
  • encouraging all our contractors, suppliers and other business partners to participate in health and safety training and safety passport schemes, make use of auditing, enter for health and safety awards and become members of their local health and safety groups;
  • acting as 'good neighbours' on health and safety issues, providing access for local small firms to our in-house training schemes and information services wherever appropriate;
  • acting as exemplars and providing direct access for small firms to examples of 'good health and safety practice', for example, through benchmarking and site visits;
  • promoting health and safety on a 24/7 basis;
  • supporting health and safety education in schools, for trainees and for young people, including school students involved in work experience schemes;
  • sponsoring research and pioneering pilot projects, sharing findings and supporting wider community based health and safety initiatives; and
  • providing high-level champions to exploit national, local, specialist media and other communication opportunities to highlight the social and business cases for action on health and safety issues.

All signatories to this challenge also commit to communicate with each other and other Scottish health and safety system players on steps they are taking to reach out to influence others, to agree common approaches to common themes and to report periodically to each other and the Partnership on Health and Safety in Scotland on progress.

The Scottish Higher Performers 'Challenge (PDF 102kb) is available to download and signed copies can be returned to:

Karen McDonnell
Head of RoSPA Scotland
Livingstone House
43 Discovery Terrace
Heriot-Watt University Research Park
Edinburgh, EH14 4AP

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