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Occupational Safety & Health Journal - January 2018

02 News
A round-up of events in the occupational health and safety world.

06 RoSPA News
RoSPA is the only UK organisation which seeks to prevent accidents across the board – at work, home, leisure and on the road.

20 Book Reviews
Jacky Steemson gives her opinion on the latest OS&H publications.

23 Sitegeist
More websites of interest found by Lauren Smith.

24 Marketplace
Products and services of interest to health and safety professionals.

26 Safety Groups UK
Programme listings and contact details for local SGUK health and safety groups affiliated to RoSPA.

OSH Feature


10 Prevention in practice: Older workers
Holly Gould discusses future-proofing the workplace for older workers.

12 RoSPA at work: Awards ambassadors
Stephen Storey is RoSPA's first international awards ambassador. Adam Grinsell spoke to him about his new role.

17 Health focus: Wellbeing at work
Are the current crop of wellbeing initiatives capable of bringing about positive change, or are they just window-dressing? Jane Warren reports.

Centre pull-out: OS&H Bulletin

  • Trawler owner drowning
  • Bullying interventions
  • Technical standards
  • Doctors' working conditions

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