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This page contains information for commercial centres, garden and home trampolines can be found here.

Trampoline parks have seen rapid growth over the past two years, with around 100 in operation across major towns and cities.

Hundreds of thousands of customers have now enjoyed them, however some communities have seen a rise in visits to A&E as a result of accidents on the park, some of which have been very serious.

March 2017 sees the launch of a Publicly Accessible Specification (PAS) from members of the International Association of Trampoline Parks UK, British Standards and RoSPA.

The guidelines seek to help park managers identify the key risks at both the design and operational stages, with the aim of establishing an effective approach to managing – but not entirely removing – the risk of injury to customers and staff.

From August 2017, UK parks will need to demonstrate compliance to the PAS on order to join the UKIATP.

RoSPA would like to see all existing commercial trampoline centres declare their compliance within 18 months (i.e. September 2018), and for new build locations prior to opening or as soon as practicable thereafter.

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