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Soft play indoor play area inspections

There are British Standards that relate to indoor soft play centres. These Standards and the Health and Safety Executive recommend an independent annual inspection of the facility from an organisation such as RoSPA.

More information on Soft Play Area Standards and requirements as well as a helpful link to play area suppliers is available on our Soft Play Area Standards page.

If you have concerns about the safety of a Soft Play facility it is recommended you first contact the manager of the site. If you are still not satisfied, you can contact the local Environmental Health Officer at the local District Council. They are obliged to follow up health and safety concerns and report accordingly.

Our inspections

RoSPA is the leading provider of safety reports on indoor play areas. All indoor areas should not only have a Post Installation Inspection when completed but should also have an independent Annual Inspection.

Our Soft Play inspections cover all aspects of site safety at the area including equipment and building safety. The inspections are non-dismantling and assess Standard compliance where this may be tested without removal of parts or destruction. A RoSPA Certificate of Inspection can be provided on request.

RoSPA inspections include

  • Inspections of the area for compliance with Standards and other safety issues
  • Inspection of play items for compliance with Standards and other safety issues
  • Risk rating of play
  • Inspection of ancillary areas such as entrance, seating areas etc for safety compliance
  • Advice on recommended maximum numbers
  • Comments and advice on Management Procedures

Post Installation Inspections will also focus on the quality of workmanship to ensure that the operator does not get involved in untimely maintenance costs.

The standard fee for an Annual soft play inspection is £415.00 plus VAT.
The standard fee for a Post Installation inspection is £415.00 plus VAT.

The inspection fees may be offered at reduced rates in cases where there are multiple sites.

Additional charges will apply for Greater London, some areas of Scotland and off shore UK. Get in touch for a price.

RoSPA offer a one day Fully Enclosed Equipment Management & Maintenance Course covering the operation, inspection, maintenance and management of indoor play areas. This training is offered on clients’ premises only.

We also offer a shorter more basic course at the same time as a Post Installation or Annual Inspection.

Contact us for details and prices.

RoSPA can check site plans and provide comments and advice before installation work commences (fee chargeable).

Contact us for details and prices.

RoSPA Inspectors are qualified to inspect enclosed play areas on the professional body, the RPII and are all regularly DBS checked.

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