RoSPA Satellite Web Sites

In addition to this, the main RoSPA website, RoSPA has developed a number of satellite sites over recent years, some with the support of Government departments, covering a wide range of accident prevention topics.

Older Drivers website

Older Drivers

Advice for older drivers to help them drive safely for longer.

Launched: 2016

Stopping Distances website

Stopping Distances Simulator

An online simulator which highlights the effect speed and driver impairment has on pedestrian safety.

Launched: 2007
Re-Launched: 2016

Road Safety Wales website

Road Safety Wales

Information and resources for the promotion of road safety in Wales.

Launched: 2007
Re-Launched: 2016

Family Safety Week

Family Safety Week

Family Safety Week was set up by RoSPA in a bid to help millions of people protect their loved ones from accidents - the number one cause of early preventable death.

Launched: 2014
Re-Launched: Yearly

Water Safety Scotland

Water Safety Scotland

Our aim is to develop a consistent approach to the prevention of drowning, water related deaths and unintentional injuries in and around water

Launched: 2007
Re-Launched: 2016

Scottish Road Safety website

Scottish Road Safety

For professionals involved in road safety and road casualty reduction in Scotland.

Launched: 2011
Re-Launched: 2016

Safety Groups UK website

Safety Groups UK

Provides information to member groups on all health and safety matters.

Launched: 2007
Re-Launched: 2016

Road Safety Evaluation - E-valu-it


For deliverers of Road Safety Education Training and Publicity (ETP).

Launched: 2010
Re-Launched: 2016

Child Safety Scotland website

Child Safety Scotland

A resource for use in schools for children to learn about safety across all disciplines. The Parents' Safety Check enables you to check your knowledge on safety issues.

Launched: 2014

Child Car Seats website

Child Car Seats

Provides free advice on choosing, fitting and using child car restraints.

Launched: 2003 (re-built 2014)

Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ORSA) website

Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ORSA)

Helps employers manage work-related road safety.

Launched: 2004

Road Safety Observatory website

Road Safety Observatory

The Road Safety Observatory aims to provide easy access to independent road safety research and information for anyone working in road safety and for members of the public.

Launched: 2013

Carbon monoxide safety website

Carbon Monoxide Safety

The "Be Gas Safe" programme aims to make people aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide (CO).

Launched: 2012

European Child Safety Alliance website

European Child Safety Alliance

Aims to make the lives of children living in Europe safer.

Launched: 2011

LASER Alliance website

LASER Alliance

Born out of two projects: LASER (Learning About Safety by Experiencing Risk) and CSEC (Child Safety Education Coalition).

Launched: 2011

Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA) website

Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA)

Resources to assist small and medium-sized businesses raise awareness of managing occupational road risk.

Launched: 2009

National Water Safety website

National Water Safety Forum

Advises the public and operators about different areas of water safety.

Launched: 2004

RUADUMMY 2 website


Designed to help teachers, youth workers, volunteers, outdoor centres and anyone else who might organise and work with young people.

Launched: 2006

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR) website

RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders (RoADAR)

More than 50 local groups provide free training to help you improve your driving/riding skills and prepare for the ultimate Advanced Test.

Launched: 2005

Helping L Drivers website

Helping L Drivers

Help and advice to parents who have children who are learning to drive or ride.

Launched: 2006 (re-built 2014)

HASS and LASS website


Search home and leisure accident data for 2000 to 2002.

Launched: 2004

Safer Fireworks website

Safer Fireworks

Designed to ensure your firework parties are fun rather than fraught with danger.

Launched: 2003

Young Workers website

Young Workers

Work experience information for the young person, employer and work experience organiser.

Launched: 2000


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