Concentrate – distracted drivers speed

Top Ten Tips To Stay Within The Limit

Although it is a familiar everyday task, driving is actually a very complex thing. Trying to do something else (use a mobile phone, light a cigarette, unwrap a sweet) at the same time, is distracting. Listening to music with the volume too high can encourage drivers to speed up. Distracted drivers find it much more difficult to maintain their awareness of what's happening on the road around them, and are more likely to speed. Using a mobile phone while driving is a classic example of this.

The law requires drivers to be in proper control of their vehicle at all times, and drivers who, for example, smoke or eat while driving could be prosecuted under this law. There is also a specific law banning the use of hand-held mobile phones, or other communication devices, while driving.

Peer pressure can also be an issue, particularly for younger drivers, as passengers can have a significant impact on their driving. This can be through passengers distracting the young driver or encouraging risky behaviours such as exceeding the speed limit. This means that young drivers sometimes drive faster when they are carrying young passengers, which increases their chances of being involved in a collision.

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