Cycling Accidents- Facts and Figures

In 2015, 18,844 cyclists were injured in reported road accidents, including 3,339 who were killed or seriously injured.

Cyclist Casualties, 2015 1

  Child (0-15) Adult All*
Killed 6 94 100
Seriously injured 272 2,933 3,239
Slightly injured 1,651 13,508 15,505
Total 1,929 16,535 18,844

*All includes casualties where age not recorded

These figures only include cyclists killed or injured in road accidents that were reported to the police. Many cyclist casualties are not reported to the police, even when the cyclist is inured badly enough to be taken to hospital. The figures also exclude cycling accidents that occur away from the road. Although the number of deaths is accurate, there could be two or three times as many seriously injured cyclists and double the number of slightly injured.

Our factsheet outlines the number of cycling accidents that occur each year, common causes of cycling accidents and injury patterns for cyclists involved in collisions.


  1. DfT (2016) 'Table RAS30002: Reported casualties by road user type, age and severity, Great Britain, 2015' Date Accessed: 30/05/2017.

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