Left and Right Turns

Left turns

Large vehicles turning left, especially HGV present a particular danger for cyclists, being patient and observant are key factors in maintaining safety on our roads.


A left turning vehicle can move very close to the kerb. If a cyclist is on the inside of the vehicle, you may knock the rider over, or even crush them underneath the vehicle.

Tip Always check your mirrors, especially nearside wing mirrors and remember to indicate well in advance to warn the cyclist that you intend to turn. Always think bike when making that left turn.

Tip If a cyclist is already waiting at a junction, pull up behind them, rather than alongside them, and let them clear the junction before you turn.

Tip If a cyclist is ahead of you as you approach a junction you are going to turn into, slow down and let the cyclist pass the junction before you turn. Don’t overtake the rider and then turn across their path.


Tip NEVER be tempted to ride down the inside of any vehicle (especially a bus or lorry) that is waiting at a junction. Hold back and stay behind where the driver can see you in their mirrors. Be patient and don’t squeeze down the inside by the gutter.

Sharing the Road Together

Tip When a large vehicle turns left, it cuts in very close to the kerb (it may move out to the right first) and the space on its inside will disappear. This is the last place you want to be!

Tip Even with all their extra mirrors, drivers of large vehicles find it very difficult to see cyclists on the inside of their vehicle.

Tip If a large vehicle comes up alongside you while you are waiting at a junction; assume it may turn left, even if they are not signalling. If possible move away from the danger area.

Tip If a vehicle overtakes you close to a left turn junction, keep a safe gap behind the vehicle in case the driver cuts in front of you to turn left.

Right turns


Inexperienced cyclists can find moving into the middle of the road and waiting to turn right a daunting manoeuvre. If you see a cyclist in this position give them as much space as you can.

If you are coming towards the cyclist it’s better not to flash your lights as this might cause confusion.

Tip Don’t overtake a cyclist who is about to turn right. Give them time to make the turn.


Sharing the Road Together

Tip Always have a really good look over your right shoulder to check that it is safe to pull out to turn right.

Tip Remember to give a clear signal (3 seconds minimum) to tell drivers want you intend to do.

Tip Don’t signal and pull out expecting the driver to slow down. Before making the turn, look behind again; this is known as a ‘lifesaver’ look for a good reason.

Tip If you don’t feel safe or confident enough to turn right on a particular road, keep to the left and if necessary stop at the kerb, and cross when it is safe.

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