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If you are not a cyclist it’s very difficult to imagine how intimidating it is to be overtaken by a vehicle too closely. When overtaking a cyclist, give them as much space as you would a car.

Cyclists are easily affected by side winds which make them wobble or even lose balance. They may have to swerve out to avoid a pothole or raised manhole cover. Give them plenty of SPACE when overtaking.

Tip Don’t be tempted to squeeze past when there really isn’t room, for example when there’s oncoming traffic, the road narrows or where you cannot see far enough ahead.

Tip Don’t drive right up behind the cyclist. Hang back, be patient and wait until it is safe to overtake.

Tip Once you have overtaken the cyclist, give them plenty of room before pulling in. It can be dangerous and very annoying to pull in just past the rider.

Tip If you are sitting in a parked vehicle, check that there isn’t a cyclist approaching before you open a door to get out. Open the door with your opposite hand, as this puts you in a more natural position to look down the side and behind your vehicle.


Tip When a driver is courteous, give a signal to thank them.

Tip Always have a good look behind before you pull out to overtake a parked car, or other obstacle, and give the driver behind plenty of time to react. Signal if necessary.

Tip When overtaking a parked car, remember to leave enough room in case a door opens (‘leave a door and a bit more’) and be ready for someone to open a door as you pass.

Tip If overtaking a line of parked vehicles, stay out until you’ve passed them all; don’t pull back in if there’s only a short gap between the vehicles.

Tip Don’t forget to look out for pedestrians crossing between parked vehicles.

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