Child Car Seats Films

RoSPA's 16 short films will help you to select a seat that matches your child's weight and height. The first film gives an overview of the topic. For further information click on the button 'view more videos' and select the one(s) that match your personal circumstances.

Want to know more about Child Car Seat safety?

The safest way for children to travel in cars is in a child seat that is suitable for their weight and size. Even in a minor crash, an unrestrained child would be thrown about inside the vehicle, injuring themselves and others. They could be thrown from the car through one of the windows.

RoSPA’s website on child car seats provides free advice on choosing, fitting and using child car restraints. It also includes information on carrying children safely; types of child seats; the law; safety standards. You can also search for local help and advice in the United Kingdom and other countries.

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