Rural young drivers and passengers

Younger drivers are at risk when driving on rural roads because of their lack of experience, which can mean that they are poorer at recognising hazards and assessing the associated risks. They can take longer to react to hazardous situations than more experienced drivers. However, driving on rural roads is a daily and essential part of life for many young people and their passengers as they access work, education and leisure activities. This interactive presentation highlights the dangers and considers factors which can inhibit their ability to drive safely. It considers topics such as:

  • Why do crashes happen involving young drivers on rural roads?
  • Where and when is this likely to happen?
  • The affect of distraction and the consequences when things go wrong.

The presentation includes a series of video clips demonstrating rural driving advice, aimed at highlighting the importance of good observational awareness and the issue of over confidence and inexperience. Fatigue, driving whilst impaired, mobile phone distraction, the use of seatbelts and tyre safety is discussed in order to provide students with realist coping strategies.

This free downloadable presentation comes complete with lesson notes and evaluation sheet.

Download: Rural young drivers and passengers

Download instructions

This is a large presentation (~500mb) which has been zipped to speed up the download time. It is recommended that this be undertaken in advance of delivering the presentation at your work place rather than where the presentation is to be delivered.

Once downloaded, either open the zip file by double clicking on it, or right click (command-click on a Mac) and choose to extract the zip file's contents to a folder of your choice.

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