Sharing the road with cyclists

Cyclists are most likely to be injured at junction, roundabouts, where the road narrows (pinch points) and near left turning HGV. Cyclists are particularly vulnerable at junctions where drivers 'look and fail to see'. This downloadable presentation looks at where and when cyclists are most at risk, considers what actions drivers can take to minimise the chances of either colliding with a cyclist or getting into a verbal confrontation. The presentation considers what actions drivers and cyclists take at: junctions, roundabouts, pinch points and why.

Cars overtaking cyclists can be intimidating and the presentation considers how much space a driver should give, and how to overtake safely. The manoeuvre is viewed both from a drivers and cyclist's perspective, using footage taken from a police vehicle.

The danger associated with left turning vehicles is well documented. The presentation looks at what the haulage industry is doing to reduce vehicle blind spots, whilst highlighting despite advances in technology and vehicle design blind spots still remain and down the left hand side of a HGV remains a highly dangerous place when the vehicle is making a left turn. Using camera footage taken from a 44 tonne truck this is vividly demonstrated.

This free downloadable presentation comes complete with lesson notes and evaluation sheet.

Download: Sharing the road with cyclists

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