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Chelmsford Borough Council employ over 1100 people, 600 of whom are office based. As a borough council, the labour force is directed in three major areas; refuse, recycling and parks, with a large number of staff also working within the leisure service.

Health and Safety at CBC

Particular health and safety concerns at CBC were in Operational areas. This included highways maintenance, street cleaning and recycling depots, as well as Parks Services.

RoSPA Quality Safety Audit (QSA) - The Unique Audit

In 2001, RoSPA QSA was the only choice for Chelmsford Borough Council Parks Service and this was primarily due to its flexibility and high standard.

"There was no hiding from the auditor's gaze, it was very thorough and re-enforced the importance of appropriate resources, effectively deployed in dealing with Health and Safety Matters."

Paul Van-Damme, Parks and Grounds Operations Manager

The RoSPA QSA audit is unlike any other audit that Chelmsford Borough Council considered, as they did not actually have to employ the RoSPA auditor! The RoSPA QSA audit verification process meant that the council could carry out internal audits before attempting to apply for the actual RoSPA QSA Award. This flexible route meant that costs were lower whilst standards were still high.

Radar chart

Main benefits of the QSA Process for CBC

  • RADAR Chart
  • Detailed information
  • Easy Management analysis
  • Flexibility
  • High Standards
  • Recognition

The Findings – During the audit

  • Few formal procedures in force
  • Difficulty with regards to the control of contractors
  • More action needed to prevent access to danger areas for employees
  • Some weakness in occupational health management

The Success – Following the audit

  • Since the audit, the Parks Service have achieved Green Flag awards in even more of their park areas
  • The Parks Service is now the only service within the council to have achieved this high standard in health and safety
  • Health and Safety performance indicators are now in force and are driven by senior management to ensure all employees understand the importance of health and safety
  • As part of a range of new procedures, an accident procedure has been adopted and is regularly in use. Prior to the audit, most services would avoid reporting accidents.

"I am delighted that Grounds Management has achieved RoSPA accreditation confirming our Service's commitment to Health and Safety through the organisation."

Sue Ireland, Director of Parks Service.

RoSPA Quality Safety Audit (QSA)

QSA is a unique system developed by RoSPA to provide a complete health and safety management audit system. It is based on the principles of HSG65 and BS8800 and has recently been updated to include all parts of the guidance document OHSAS18001.

The Route to QSA

The Route to QSA

Click here to read the full Chelmsford Borough Council success story (PDF 241kb)

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