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Trinity House are the General Lighthouse Authority for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar, responsible for a range of general aids to navigation, 'signs of the sea', from lighthouses to radar beacons. As well as this, they are a charitable organisation dedicated to the safety, welfare and training of mariners. Also, they are a Deep Sea Pilotage Authority providing expert navigators for ships trading in Northern European waters.

Health and Safety at Trinity House

Trinity House personnel receive health and safety training, some up to NEBOSH standard. The main health and safety concerns at Trinity were identified as a lack of instruction to ensure a safe system of work and no records to prove if any action to improve health and safety had taken place.

RoSPA QSA – the Unique Audit

Trinity House first chose to consult RoSPA in 1995, when the executive were looking for an internationally acceptable standard to aim for. This standard was BS9001. The RoSPA Quality Safety Audit (QSA) audit was ideal for assisting in this aim as the system was consistent with the ISO standard. The audit itself is based on the principles of HSG65 and BS8800 and has now been updated to include all parts of the guidance document OHSAS18001.

"The RoSPA QSA fitted into the Trinity House systematic approach to the management of all its activities. Trinity House operates an integrated management system that is also certified against ISO9001 and ISO14001. A Health and Safety element was critical to ensure that we had independent validation of our system that is based on a 'Prevention rather than Cure' approach. Many of our employees carry out difficult tasks, sometimes in potentially hazardous conditions. Confirmation that our approach meets the highest standards for health and safety management is fundamental in safeguarding our people."

S Dunning – Marketing & Public Relations Manager

In 1997,Trinity House became the second company to achieve Level 5 accreditation in a RoSPA QSA audit. This achievement is widely recognised as the pinnacle of health and safety achievement, as it is only awarded following consistently high scores in the rigorous audit process. Trinity House then returned to RoSPA for two further audits in 2001 and 2003 in order to retain their Level 5 standard.

The Findings – During the audit

  • Lack of instruction to ensure a safe system of work
  • No records to prove that actions had taken place
  • More action needed to prevent access to danger areas for employees
  • Some weakness in occupational health management

The Success – Following the audit

  • Trinity House now produce both quarterly and annual reports to more effectively monitor health and safety.
  • All staff are actively encouraged to report accidents and potential risk is investigated to a level dependent upon its severity
  • On attaining level five accreditation,Trinity House enjoyed a large amount of local media publicity which also benefited staff morale
  • The procedures for the health and safety systems are now very much in place and all employees are aware of their responsibilities
  • The whole process has helped to raise standards and the workforce are extremely proud of their achievement in this area

"The sea is an ever-changing and unforgiving environment to work in, and it requires total respect from all of us. Whether handling heavy buoys and chains or maintaining a lighthouse on a rocky outcrop all in Trinity House need a deep and instinctive understanding of safety.That is why we turned to ROSPA to ensure that safety underpins all our work.

"Our results have been excellent – accidents down by 20%, and absences through injury by 13%; and importantly, a safety culture that is well bedded within the whole organisation at sea and ashore."

Rear Admiral J de Halpert - Chief executive & Director of safety


QSA is a unique system developed by RoSPA to provide a complete health and safety management audit system. It is based on the principles of HSG65 and BS8800 and has recently been updated to include all parts of the guidance document OHSAS18001.

Why choose QSA?

Unrivalled flexibility

QSA can be tailored to meet specific organisational requirements and reflect company objectives. Organisations select topic and/or sector related risk control indicators from an ever-increasing library of options. This flexibility ensures that the audit drills down into the key issues.

Best practice

QSA is uniquely based on HSG65, which is recognised by the International Labour Organisation as embodying best practice. QSA can assess compliance with OHSAS 18001.

New software

New web-enabled software allows organisations to feed into a national results network via the RoSPA server and benchmark their performance.

Quantitative scoring system

Health and Safety Performance Ratings are recorded as percentage scores, which enable quick comparisons and the formulation of prioritised action plans. RADAR Charts are provided, which offer an effective visual representation of the executive summary.

Recommendations for further action

Certification organisations are legally only permitted to assess an organisation’s performance during one snapshot in time; they can’t, and won’t, suggest remedial action.

QSA moves beyond this limited scope to assess the bigger picture and to prioritise recommended courses of further action accordingly.

In short

QSA not only reveals where organisations need to be, but actually helps get them there!

Click here to read the full Trinity House success story (PDF 217kb)

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