Course Approval

Benefit from RoSPA's 'Stamp of Approval'.

RoSPA vet and approve health and safety training courses, giving you peace of mind and delegates increased confidence.

Interested? The first step is to speak to one of our customer service agents and we’ll create a detailed proposal.

This is a thorough, comprehensive service which conveys a sense of quality to prospective delegates. As such, it is vital that high standards are achieved and maintained. Not all courses are eligible for approval, but those that are must first undergo a rigorous assessment. This entails a RoSPA Consultant conducting an in-depth review of all course materials, and, in the case of classroom courses, observing the standard of delivery.

Organisations are then issued with a report, which outlines in some detail any areas where improvement is required.

Approval is granted for an initial period of one year, after which organisations can apply for renewal. Please see the terms and conditions for more details.

Discounts are available for RoSPA Members.

If approved, a one-year certificate will be issued and for this period courses can be advertised and delivered under the prestigious 'Approved by RoSPA' banner. There is even a unique version of the RoSPA logo that you can use to show that you take health and safety training seriously and are committed to achieving high standards of content and delivery. Please note that brand guidelines apply and are rigorously enforced.

RoSPA course approval is accepted by the NCCB and will enable you to get your training programme listed on the national benchmark for health and safety.

This is an annual service which can be renewed on a yearly basis. Please be aware however that renewals are not automatically granted; to maintain standards course materials are again checked prior to a renewal being issued. This accrues consultancy time and fees are therefore applied accordingly.

RoSPA's Occupational Safety and Health Course Development Service might be just what you're looking for! Our experienced trainers design a course syllabus and craft the course materials to meet the specifics of your training requirement. Select members of your organisation (RoSPA will highlight requirements) can then carry out the training course in order to train other employees.

RoSPA will deliver the initial course to the internal trainers, and will then approve on an ongoing annual basis. This is an extremely cost-effective training solution, which means that you do not have to compromise on the quality of your internal courses even given limited budgets, awkward shift patterns and multi-locations.

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