Driver Risk Assessments

Online, on-road or train-the-trainer driver risk assessments.

As with all areas of workplace health and safety employers have a duty of care to carry out driver risk assessments. Not only are driver risk assessments a legal requirement in their own right, they can also help prioritise the individuals most in need of driver training, thus saving money in the long term.

Whether you are looking to carry out driver risk assessments online, on-road or even train one of your own employees to carry out the assessment for you we have the service to meet your needs.

Choose from the following driver risk assessment courses

Driver Profiler - Our original online psychometric risk assessment tool that measures attitudes towards driving, thereby providing excellent insights into the risk posed by individual drivers.

Online Driver Safety Package - Initial driver training and risk assessment no longer have to involve time away from the office or paying for trainers to visit your premises. Our cost effective Online Driver Safety Package combines Driver Profiler and E-learning services.

Driver Development - This on-road course combines an assessment of your driving ability with an opportunity to identify areas of your driving which can be developed both on the course and after.

Licence Verification - This quick and efficient service enables organisations to ensure that their drivers are entitled to drive on the company's behalf. It could safeguard you against fines and even prosecution.

Driver Assessor - A four-day course which teaches delegates the necessary skills to assess the abilities of drivers within their organisation.

Banksman Assessor - A one day course designed to equip delegates with the skills to assess and supervise the techniques of other banksman.

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