Young Drivers at Work Workshop

Prince Michael Award

Safeguarding young drivers at work.

Young drivers at work encounter, and often create, a higher level of risk than their older and more experienced counterparts. The highest risk drivers on our roads are young drivers and at-work drivers. Young drivers who drive for work fall into both groups and consequently face the combined risks of their relative inexperience and the pressures of driving for work.

The Young Driver at Work Workshop is designed to help this target market understand the risks they face and the skills they need when driving for work. In addition, it will help the employer identify new ways to help young drivers.

The workshop will typically last between two to four hours and is designed for groups of 8-15 drivers aged between 17 and 24. It comprises several activities, each with its own set of learning outcomes.

  • Understand how inexperience can increase the risk of being involved in a crash
  • Better understanding of how driving for work can lead to increased risk especially amongst younger drivers
  • Identify the factors which can result in unsafe driving when at work
  • Help the driver to understand how their employer can be a source of support
  • Greater awareness of how the organisation's driving for work policies can be applied and help the driver
  • Identify the wider social pressures which can lead to unsafe driving and how to overcome them
  • Understand how self-reflection is important in lifelong learning to drive

This course is aimed at any young person aged between 17 -24 years who drives for work.

Also available to download: Young Drivers at Work Workshop

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RoSPA offer two workshop delivery options to ensure your organisation gets the most out of these workshops.

  1. RoSPA Facilitated Workshop: Two RoSPA trainers will co-ordinate, organise and deliver the workshop at your company's premises. The facilitators will then discuss and evaluate the session and the issues raised, and offer advice on how to encourage safer driving.
  2. RoSPA Assisted Workshop: One RoSPA trainer will work alongside a staff member from your organisation to prepare and deliver the session. This options is ideal for firms wishing to train an employee to run these workshops internally.
  • Establish beliefs, attitudes and knowledge
  • What is different with driving at work?
  • What causes an accident at work?
  • Journey planning
  • The vehicle
  • Young person's occupational road risk policy
  • Employer's activity
  • Scenarios based discussions

Additional information:

  • This workshop is classroom based and is for groups of 8-15 drivers aged between 17 and 24 years.
  • The workshop has been developed based on findings from the award winning RoSPA Young Drivers at Work Project.
  • The project was presented with the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in November 2010.
  • Find out more about this study.
  • Half day – 1 session
  • Full day – 2 sessions

RoSPA Facilitated Workshop – Two RoSPA facilitators organise and deliver the full workshop.

RoSPA Assisted Workshop – One RoSPA facilitator and one member of staff from the organisation will work together to prepare organise and deliver the workshop.

Training can be undertaken at customers' premises or at a mutually agreed location.

All prices are subject to VAT.

The workshop aims to:

  • Improve the attitudes and behaviour of young at-work driver
  • Inform the development of organisations' road risk policies
  • Facilitate the consultation of the whole organisation about work-related road safety policies and gauge how well they are followed
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Help young drivers to make safe decisions
  • Provide a method of monitoring and reviewing driving for work policies and safety culture

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