MORR™ Review

MORR is not a 'one size fits all' product.

Managing Occupational Road Risk isn't simply about compliance, it's about safety for all. This is where MORR is different from most similar products.

RoSPA offers 3 levels of MORR – Essential, Advanced and Premium. Each package will look at:

  • Planning and assessments
  • The policies and arrangements supporting MORR
  • The risk management and training protocols for your drivers and supporting employees
  • Vehicle use, selection and route management

Our MORR packages are designed to fit the size and scope of your business and are at an appropriate level of detail to suit your operations.

All reviews are conducted by experienced fleet management consultants. All MORR reports are thoroughly peer reviewed to ensure that the results are clear and easy to understand. There is no 'hard sell', RoSPA merely act as advisors.

Features Essential Advanced Premium
Desktop review with a report and recommendations            
Documentary and system compliance check            
Targeted solutions            
Cost and time effective            
Designed for SMEs            
Direct access to a compliance specialist          
Remote review of management systems, policies and documents          
Access to bespoke solutions          
On site audit of management systems, vehicles, drivers and routes        


The Essential Package

The Essential Package is exactly that. A review of the essential elements needed to effectively manage occupational road risk.

The package is a desktop review of the policies and documentation that your business already has in place. The consultant will then provide a report. This does not require a costly site visit with all the trappings of expense that entails. Our aim is to keep the cost low and utilise little of your time during a busy working day.

This is ideal for organisations who are new to MORR, have smaller operations or need to establish a starting point for developing existing safety management programmes.

The Advanced Package

The Advanced Package includes all the Essential elements, but at greater depth.

It includes a full review of the materials and management systems in place, we offer access to our range of materials to support compliance and, of course, the report identifies improvements to road risk management. Recommendations will include justification of training needs and priorities. Access to a MORR specialist is included, for over the phone and written advice post review.

This is ideal for organisations who have developed some MORR programmes, who are confident that standards have been designed, but want to check implementation and attainment and gain confidence that management is correct for the operation.

The Premium Package

The Premium Package is our highest level. This includes all of the other levels, but is designed to help refine and facilitate the highest levels of performance with MORR and organisational safety management.

An initial review identifies areas of weakness and offers very detailed recommendations. When the business is satisfied they have made the necessary adjustments, the on-site verification of the MORR system takes place. This looks in great detail at, and requires evidence of, compliance across all elements (the management systems, communication between staff levels, training, risk assessments, vehicles including vehicle checks, route management, training). This is explained at the beginning of the journey. We work with you to ensure compliance is achieved in every facet.

Time and costings at all levels are transparent. The client remains in control of expenditure and time commitments are kept to a minimum. This avoids disruption to the operation of the business.

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