Driver Behaviour: A Line Manager's Role

Driver behaviour and your responsibilities.

This new course will address an area that you might overlook. It is vital for line managers of a fleet to understand their responsibilities in fulfilling policies set out by managerment.

This course will give delegates fleet management skills in accordance with these policies. It will identify areas of concern and help them gain a better understanding of the pressures and concerns of their drivers.

The workshop gives you the knowledge and skills to manage people who drive for work. It enables you to understand the impact you have on safety culture and driver behaviour at work.

This course is for line managers who have a responsibility for managing occupational road risk. The line manager will generally be the person who manages the daily work that drivers carry out.


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  • Understanding the importance of effective leadership to create an accident free culture
  • Understanding of why collisions occur
  • Understanding of the human factors that can cause drivers to crash
  • Understanding of costs, compliance and law
  • Target the importance of effective time management
  • Develop methods to reduce road risk and cost exposures
Location Price Member's Price Dates
Birmingham £195 £175 Call for dates
In-company Quote on request Quote on request Call for dates


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  • Improved compliance with the companies managing occupational road risk policy
  • Improved staff retention
  • Reduced incident costs
  • Consolidation of previous driver training
  • Smarter working
  • Reduced vehicle downtime

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