Grey Fleet Management

Make sure all those who drive for work are covered

Individuals who drive their own vehicles for work purposes are termed the 'grey fleet'. This online service helps ensure you're managing your legal grey fleet duties.

Many organisations provide employees with the option of taking a cash allowance, or fuel expenses, in preference to having a work supplied vehicle. These employees, when using their own car on business can pose a greater risk as they may effectively be outside of the established insurance and servicing policies. From a risk perspective the challenges an organisation faces are exactly the same as if the individual was driving a work supplied vehicle.

This online system will allow organisations to record the following details and to ensure that they are are fulfilling their legal duty of care. Drivers are invited to self certify the following details:

  • Driving licence validity
  • Insurance details including business use
  • MOT Certification
  • Road Tax validity

The system can thereafter be used to alert the individual drivers and line managers when each of these items are due for renewal.

This service is designed to meet the needs of Fleet Managers, HR Managers, Facilities Managers and Transport/Logistic Managers whose organisation's have individuals using their own vehicles for at-work driving.

Also available to download: Grey Fleet Management

Discounts are available for RoSPA Members.

  • RoSPA can provide a quick and simple self-certification process
  • Online access for all drivers
  • Automatic alerts to both individuals and managers for MOT's, insurance, road tax etc..
  • A fully-documented online record to show duty of care has been fulfilled
  • Sits alongside RoSPA's Licence Checking service, allowing you to keep all of your data on one platform

Licences are valid for 12 months and can be purchased for any number of drivers. Discounts are available for larger orders please call to discuss. Call to discuss details : +44 (0)121 248 2233

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In-company On request


All prices are subject to VAT.

Corporate manslaughter laws mean that the ever present threat of having to prove your organisation has fulfilled its legal duty following an incident can be considerable.

Ensuring your organisation holds details for all those who drive for work whether company vehicle drivers or grey fleet drivers is essential. This online solution is a visible and documented record that can be called upon if required.

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