covid 19 social distancing signs

COVID-19 Signage

COVID-19 signage is playing a vital role in social distancing measures and getting businesses operating again

What are social distancing signs?

Social distancing signs help all types and sizes of businesses adhere to the UK Government Coronavirus Guidance and continue to operate within their markets. As everyone is changing their daily habits to comply with the guidance our social distancing signage is becoming more important. The signage is playing a vital role in putting in place social distancing measures, one-way systems and improving personal hygiene practices.

Why do you need social distancing signs?

The United Kingdom has seen over 290,000 confirmed Coronavirus cases, which has sadly resulted in over 40,000 deaths. The United Kingdom is slowly starting to ease restrictions however we all need to ensure that everyone is kept safe. Our social distancing signs allow organisations to communicate to employees and customers how to adhere to the government guidance within their premises.

Which social distancing sign do you need?

Below you will see the various COVID-19 signage to help you adhere to the government guidance and most importantly, meet your needs to keep everyone safe.

"Please wash your hands"

Children's wall sign

Social distancing footsteps

Children's floor sign

"Clean hands save lives, please sanitise your hands"

Wall sign

"One way system"

Floor vinyl sticker

"Only 1 person per lift"

Wall sign

"Please keep your distance"

Floor vinyl

"Please wait here"

Floor vinyl sticker

"Social distancing – Please keep 2 metres apart"

Wall sign

"Use hand sanitiser"

Wall sign

"You must wash your hands"

Wall sign

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