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Wellbeing and Mental Health resources

Wellbeing and mental health resources

Providing you and your organisation with policies and practical resources to implement wellbeing and mental health

What are the wellbeing and mental health resources?

Our Wellbeing and Mental Health resources provide you with an array of information, advice and documents about how to manage this subject within your organisation.

Why use the wellbeing and mental health resources?

Employee wellbeing is an employer-led approach concerned with supporting both the physical and emotional health of employees, helping to prevent problems arising or, if they do, helping employees to cope with them.

Many employers run employee wellbeing programmes or schemes which are designed to encourage staff to be healthier and to help reduce sickness absence. In some organisations these include employee assistance programmes that provide confidential counselling for those experiencing a personal crisis or work-related difficulties such as stress, bullying or harassment.

Wellbeing is a multi-layered subject which touches on mental health at work as well as physical health and disability issues. It also involves not only senior managers, line managers and supervisors but also HR personnel, health and safety managers and occupational health practitioners.

Who can use the wellbeing and mental health resources?

These resources can be used by anybody in your organisation from the person who is writing the policies, mental health first aiders who approach your employers to your line managers who manage can address and reduce this issue within your organisation.

What do the wellbeing and mental health resources cover?


Quick facts - key points you need to know

In—depth – Detailed information on the wellbeing topic such as:

  • What is employee wellbeing?
  • Why invest in Employee Wellbeing?
  • Types of Employee Wellbeing Initiative?
  • Organisation the Workplace
  • Helping those with problems
  • Healthy lifestyle initiatives
  • Employee assistance programmes
  • Mental health first aid
  • Evaluating the impact of wellbeing initiatives
  • National strategy
  • List of relevant legislation

An Employee wellbeing policy template covering:

  • Policy statement
  • Work-life balance
  • Requests for career breaks and sabbaticals
  • Providing medical assistance to employees and promoting health options
  • plus more..

Questions and answers

  • Sick leave for mental health
  • Measuring health and safety development
  • Using the workspace to improve wellbeing
  • Stress vs anxiety

Mental health

In—depth – Detailed information on the wellbeing topic such as:

  • Employers’ duties
  • Employees’ duties
  • The importance of mental health in the workplace
  • Practical action to promote positive mental health at work
  • Key role of lines managers
  • Making reasonable adjustments
  • Links with stress
  • Work-life balance and working hours
  • Mental health policies
  • Government strategy
  • Plus more

A mental health at work template covering:

  • Policy
  • Training
  • Review

Questions and answers

  • Sick leave for mental health
  • Refusing reasonable adjustments
  • Mental health first aiders

How do I access the wellbeing and mental health resources?

All of these resources can be accessed via our Online Health and Safety Knowledge Centre which is accessed by being a RoSPA Member. To gain access to this information, plus a lot more join today.

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