Consultancy, Audit & Training Services

RoSPA has been at the forefront of health and safety for nearly a century and has developed an extensive knowledge base to help schools and colleges 'teach safely' – ensuring a safe environment for pupils and students, and to 'teach safety' – preparing pupils and students to be able to recognise and manage risk in their lives.

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Consultancy and Audit

Consultancy and Audit Services

RoSPA have a range of services to assist schools and colleges to ensure their facilities and services are as safe as necessary.


Training for Schools and Colleges

RoSPA offer a comprehensive training portfolio for schools and colleges. The training is mostly delivered on site although from time to time we offer courses at different geographical locations.

Playground safety

Playground Safety

RoSPA's Play Safety department provides advice and information on playground management and the safety of indoor and outdoor play areas.

IAAS Quality Mark

IAAS Quality Mark

RoSPA has been awarded the Independent Academies Assured Services (IAAS) quality mark.


RoSPA SchoolSafe

RoSPA SchoolSafe is a programme that checks and validates a school's performance in areas that are important for successful health and safety risk management.

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